Study Programmes

Trade and Tourism Management

By the Decision of the University of Split Senate and in accordance with Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act, the University Department of Professional Studies has been licensed to conduct a two-year specialist graduate professional study programme Business Trade (120 ECTS). Upon completion of this study programme, students are provided with relevant knowledge and skills and are awarded the title – Professional Specialist in Economics.

Bearing in mind the current economic trends - global, national and regional, the proposed specialist graduate professional study programme with its modular matrix covers a wide range of service activities that include segments of trade, foreign trade and international travel and entrepreneurship, which in our environment are most often in the function of trade and tourism.

In this light - following the current and future needs of the labour market, or the specifics of the tertiary sector, which presupposes a multitude of direct communications with the necessary ethical and humanistic approach - this specialist graduate professional study programme profiles staff who will not only posses the knowledge of economics, but will also be proficient in historical and cultural traditions of this region.

In accordance with the objective economic matrix, specific needs of the local labour  market and maximum respect for the professional interests of students, a specific study programme has been created and divided into the following modules:

  • Trade and Entrepreneurship and
  • Tourism and Hospitality

The Specialist Graduate Professional Study Programme of Business Trade emphasizes the closest possible contact with practice, and therefore the focus of the study with specific modules is on the applied and practical implementation of the material presented in lectures, with either mentoring or independent work of students, which includes the study of primary and secondary resources. This is achieved through practicals and a number of extracurricular activities, such as professional specialist practice in economic entities, projects, workshops, seminar papers, case studies, and through professional visits to economic entities and field research.  

Course Syllabus

Acting Head of the Department of Trade and Tourism Management: Antonija Roje, PhD, senior lecturer