Electrical Engineering

Today’s sophisticated business world and the production of material goods and services require educated workforce that can act as bearers and fundamental drivers of further development and constant transformation and adaptation to new conditions. Expert knowledge and skills do not only enable faster integration into production processes in our area but also provide basis for understanding and further monitoring of development trends in specific specialist areas of technical sciences for which these studies are opened.

A specialist professional graduate study programme of Electrical Engineering will provide new impetus to economic development in the region. We are fully aware that the development of the Republic of Croatia in its entirety must be grounded on new technologies and services, and the ability to rapidly adapt to the changing demands of the global market. In order to manage and successfully create such development process, a necessary condition - in addition to the realization of material preconditions -is formation of professionally trained workforce through an appropriate educational process. The introduction of Specialist Professional Graduate Study Programme of Electrical Engineering, after full-time professional study or undergraduate university study, has been imposed as a necessity for the development of this region. The proposed study aims to educate the workforce so that it can fit very quickly and successfully into Croatian, regional, European and global economic processes, and respond to all the challenges posed by the modern economy in the field of production of goods and services.

The study is divided into three levels:

  • Core teaching that enables the student to acquire the necessary basic and general knowledge and skills;
  • Specialist modules, advanced according to the requirements of the profession (up to date). Each generation of students gets the opportunity to master specific modern technologies and become involved in the work process without additional training. In doing so, they thoroughly master the problems of using a wide range of testing and measuring equipment;
  • Specialist practice / project and writing of the graduate thesis

The specialist professional graduate study programme of Electrical Engineering consists of four modules:

  • Radiocommunications
  • Integrated communication technologies
  • Industrial electronics
  • Electrical energy studies

The contents of individual modules are in line with the latest knowledge and trends in the profession. The aim is to acquire knowledge, skills and related competencies that would overcome the shortcomings of previous vocational education programmes that manifested themselves in the essential difference between what is seen, done and learned during studies to what professional specialists engineers of appropriate specialization expect in the future workplace.

Course syllabus

Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Marko Vukšić, PhD, college professor with tenure e-mail
Assistant to the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Predrag Đukić, PhD, college professor