Power Engineering

The undergraduate professional study programme of Power Engineering is organized modularly and lasts six (6) semesters for full-time and eight (8) semesters for part-time students, with an equal number of teaching hours. Upon completion of the professional studies, students acquire 180 ECTS and are awarded a professional title of Professional Bachelor in Power Engineering.

The first two semesters comprise basic lessons within the specified curriculum and syllabus - Electrical Engineering (60 ECTS) and are delivered jointly with the study programme of Electronics. The central module of the study programme - Power engineering (60 ECTS) spans the third and fourth semesters and is unique for all students of Power engineering. It is structured so that students have the opportunity to choose technical / non-technical courses from a common module of elective courses.  Practical lessons totalling 60 ECTS are held in the fifth and sixth semesters.

Students, according to their personal preferences, opt for modules by enrolling in the relevant elective groups (professional modules). The offered elective groups are: Power systems (EES-1 and EES-2 modules) and Industrial power systems (ESIN-1 and ESIN-2 modules). Depending on the selected professional modules, students can seek employment in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, in power plants within the shipbuilding, cement, chemical and metal industries, and in a number of companies dealing with the planning and design of electrical installations, power installations, tools and other complex components and devices. Students are trained to operate and maintain power systems and industrial plants.

Students who complete this professional study programme can enrol in the Specialist Professional Graduate Study Programme of Electrical Engineering (120 ECTS) at the University Department of Professional Studies in order to acquire a title of Professional Specialist in Electrical Engineering. The curriculum and syllabus design of the Power Engineering study programme was based on the documents of the associated agencies of the European Commission focused on the harmonization of European higher education structure, particularly the one referring to the scientific branch of Electrical Engineering and accompanying reference documents related to engineering training.

Course syllabus

Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Marko Vukšić, PhD, college professor with tenure, e-mail
Assistant to the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Predrag Đukić, PhD, college professor, e-mail