Study Programmes

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance study programme is based on the latest professional and scientific knowledge. Its most important feature is that it prepares students for independent and practical work after graduation. In addition, the study programme provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting, finance and taxes that are directly applicable in practice and necessary in everyday affairs.

The curriculum follows the latest accounting, financial and tax regulations in Croatia and scientific achievements in the development of accounting, finance and taxation.

The undergraduate professional study programme of Accounting and Finance is six (6) semesters long. Upon completion, one earns 180 ECTS credits and the title of Professional Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) in Economics.

Most of the students who completed the study programme of Accounting and Finance were employed immediately after the final thesis defence, while the students who had already worked in the profession made progress in performing more complex and thus better paid jobs.

Students who have completed a three-year study programme have the opportunity to enrol in the Specialist Professional Graduate Study Programme of Accounting and Finance, which is four (4) semesters long, after which they earn the additional 120 ECTS credits (300 ECTS credits in total) and the title of Professional Specialist in Accounting and Finance.

Course Syllabus

Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance: Luka Mladineo, MSc, senior lecturer e-mail
Assistant to the Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance:  Petra Jakaša, lecturer e-mail