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Welcome to the University Department of Professional Studies

The University Department of Professional Studies at the University of Split   was founded in 1998  as a higher educational institution named University of Applied Sciences. In 2003 we became a constituent institution of the University of Split called University Department of Professional Studies.

Today we have five departments:  

  • Department of Electrical Engineering,
  • Department of Information Technology,
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Department of Accounting and Finance,
  • Department of Business Trade.

We also have four units:

  • Unit of Mathematics and Physics,
  • Unit of Foreign Languages,
  • Unit of Informatics,
  • Unit of Law and Ethics.

These units run common courses   for all the Department`s study programmes. Such institutional organization gives us the opportunity to promote three common values that aspiring students and future professionals should develop: sound professional knowledge base, foreign language competence and necessary IT training.  The curriculum has been updated on a regular basis to include latest professional achievements and trends in contemporary professional education in Europe.

Our Department offers (to students) six 3-year undergraduate professional study programmes  with 180 ECTS credits and 2-year specialist graduate study programmes with additional 120 ECTS credits. We have approximately 120 employees. Among them there are 72 college professors, senior lecturers and lecturers. Prominent professional experts from the industry are also involved in delivering professional and specialist courses. Currently we have approximately 2000 students - slightly more than half of them are part time students. Dynamics of the employment of our graduates as well as the speed of their progress in the areas where they work shows that we are on the right track. The intention of the Department`s management is to increase levels of mobility and cooperation. For this purpose the The International Relations and Mobility Office has been making efforts to improve mobility of our professors and students as well as to encourage cooperation with other European universities. Our wish is also to further develop links with local industries and businesses as well as to include our students in this type of collaboration. The Office for Cooperation with Industry has been performing this task successfully. Finally, our future foreign students should know just a few interesting facts about Split. Split is the largest city in Dalmatia, the second largest city in Croatia and the administrative center of the Split-Dalmatia County. The inhabitants of Split say that it is not only the most beautiful but also the sportiest city in the world.

If you choose to study at our Department I am sure you will have a lot of opportunities to enjoy Split and its surroundings.


Regulations on international mobility at the University of Split (Pravilnik o međunarodnoj mobilnosti Sveučilišta u Splitu) i

Regulations on studies and study system at the University of Split (Pravilnik o studijima i sustavu studiranja Sveučilišta u Splitu)

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