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Alumni umbra

Alumni umbra

The very name of the association, AlumniUMBRA explains the purpose of its foundation (lat. UMBRA – shade, shadow. In economic environment the term umbrella organization denotes an association which oversees and governs the work of other organizations that share a common cause). The association has chosen an umbrella as its logo, as it alludes to the protection and gathering of former – as well as current – students of the University Department of Professional Studies in Split (the "Department"). The association was founded on July 15 2013. The key personnel are chairman of the association, Robert Rubić, its vice-chairwoman Sandra Kovačić, and the secretary Jelena Mikačić. The work of the association is supervised by the Administrative board of four.

The specific quality of the association is the fact that it accepts both former and current Department students as its members. The latter obtain membership status by paying a yearly fee. The association tries to give its members value for money by arranging a discount for them if they make use of the services provided by well-known travel agencies, fitness clubs, language centres, movie theatres, and so on. The money saved this way could notably improve the members' quality of life. Also, the association strives to give students access to additional facilities that they might need at the Department, such as study rooms. 

The current focus of the association is aimed at organizing lectures and workshops for its members and other students. Considering the fact that studying at the Department also entails mandatory professional practice, the association tries to facilitate its members' search for suitable employers who might provide such services. Helping students establish contact with their future employers is the goal of the association, and professional practice is the first step toward that – as it would give the students the opportunity to be viewed as prospective employees by employers.

Another task the association hopes to fulfil is to change students' existing habits by encouraging them to make use of their teachers' office hours, instead of paying for costly private tutoring sessions outside the Department.

The association also plans to start work on various projects which will be fully or at least partially funded by EU grants. Meanwhile, the association will continue to be funded through membership fees, donations and sponsorships.

The association is located on campus at the University Department of Professional Studies. Outside working hours, the association can be reached at alumni@oss.unist.hrand via its webpage alumni.oss.unist.hr.