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ERASMUS+ students, students of bilateral programmes of the Ministry of Science and Education and EU students are entitled to a student identity card (X-card) which enables them to have government subsidised student meals at Student restaurants (Croatian - menza) and cafeterias all over Croatia. Non-EU students studying at FEBT as part of an institutional bilateral exchange agreement or as guest students (free-movers) are not entitled to a student X-card.

X-card max. daily allowance is 4,27 € for up to 2 meals/day. Meal cost (main course, slide, salad and dessert) is 0,86 €. Subsidy is allocated on the 1st and 15th of the month. 

Student X-card is not transferable, i.e. it can be used only by the cardholder. Any abuse will be sanctioned with suspension of the card!

Student meals in the City of Split are organized in 8 restaurants, 4 of which are located at the University Campus Visoka. Locations of student restaurants are as follows: 

  • UDPS - University Department of Professonal Studies, Kopilica 5
  • Student Dormitories (Campus Visoka)
  • FEBT (Campus Visoka) - Working hours, Monday-Friday:  07:30 - 20:00 (lunch-dinner: 12:00-15:00; 17:30-20:00).
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (Campus Visoka)
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy (Campus Visoka)
  • Restaurant Index (City Centre)
  • Student dormitories / hostel (Spinut area)
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Other restaurants and cafeteria's opening hours info is available here. (in Croatian)

The daily menu is announced here. (in Croatian).

Apart from student restaurants, a wide variety of food outlets is available throughout the city. 


Sport Activities

University Sports Federation organizes over 15 sporting and recreational events every year, including the International Rowing Regatta Sveti Duje, with the participation of the best university rowing teams in Europe, including the Oxford and Cambridge teams. Contact:

For recreational activities organised at UDPS, the contact person is prof. Gordan Drašinac at

The University fitness centre available only to students accommodated in university dormitories is situated in the Campus dormitory building. Working days/hours are Monday-Saturday from 9 until 22. The monthly membership fee is 130 HRK.


Public transportation


Public transportation in Split is available through bus service, provided by "Promet d.o.o." company. They operate every day, all day from 5.00 until midnight, with busses running approximately every 15 or 20 minutes on the majority of lines. Tickets can be bought on board (3,00 €). Once onboard ticket must be stamped (an unstamped ticket is as good as no ticket at all).

Students are entitled to a monthly pass with a significant discount. The central ticket office, where monthly passes can be purchased (9,15 €) is located in Sukoišanska street. Student monthly passes are issued at the beginning of every month. When coming to the ticket office for the first time, students should bring a photo (30 x 50 mm), their passport and enrolment certificate (provided at the welcoming event). Further months passes can be bought at the Promet Split d.o.o. stands at some bus stations.

Web page:


Public bike-sharing service

Split boasts a wide network of public bike-sharing stations provided by NextBike. It is a fairly economical and environmentally friendly way to get around. Furthermore, with Split having quite a hilly topography, the majority of bikes available for rental are electrical, making biking around easy on your muscles :). There are two bike drop-off stations on the University Campus as well as drop-off points in the near vicinity of off-campus student facilities (Spinut dormitory and Index restaurant). 

You can find out more about NextBike in Split here


Taxi services

All the major global, as well as several national and local taxi service provider companies, are available in Split. Below, we list some of them. 

Local/Nationa taxi providers:

International taxi providers:

  • Uber
  • Bolt etc.




The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is EURO.

Useful telephone numbers

  • Croatian country code: 385
  • Split city code: 021
  • Croatian exit code: 00
  • Unique emergency number (police/ambulance/fire brigade): +385 112
  • Croatian Auto Club: +385 1987
  • GSM Networks: T-mobile (098, 099), A1 (091, 092) and Telemach (095)