Study Programmes

Trade and Tourism Management

The Undergraduate Professional Study Programme of Trade and Tourism Management started at the University Department of Professional Studies in the academic year of 2019/2020.

This is a modified undergraduate professional study programme of Business Trade, which has undergone modifications with the aim of adapting to changes in society and the economy.  All this was also necessary so that this study programme could be at the level of the latest scientific / professional knowledge and trends as well as the skills that are based on them.

In line with the needs of the economy in this part of Croatia, and taking into account the growing demand for professionals with competencies related to trade and tourism and entrepreneurial thinking and self-employment initiatives, this modified study programme increases its attractiveness and follows the needs of today's labour market and economic environment.

While developing the study programme, emphasis was placed on training students for effective corporate management and entrepreneurial thinking in the trade and tourism sector with a focus on entrepreneurial, proactive and innovative thinking and behaviour. The acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of trade and tourism will ensure  management skills for performing complex tasks of trade and tourism business.

The teaching process is conceived with the aim of maximum teacher / student interaction, where students actively apply the acquired theoretical knowledge by solving current business cases. Involvement of experts from the business world in the teaching process, as well as numerous field visits will ensure the acquisition of professional competencies and skills. In the last semester, through the compulsory subject of professional practice, the necessary combination of theoretical and practical teaching is ensured.

The study programme lasts six semesters where students choose one of the two offered module programmes; Trade and Entrepreneurship and Tourism and Hospitality.

Upon completion of the studies, students are awarded 180 ECTS credits and the title of Professional Bachelor in Economics.

Students who have completed a three-year undergraduate professional study programme have the opportunity to enrol in the Specialist Professional Graduate  Study Programme of Trade and Tourism Management, which lasts four (4) semesters, after which they are awarded  additional 120 ECTS credits (300 ECTS in total) and the title of  Professional Specialist in Economics.

Course syllabus

Acting Head of the Department of Trade and Tourism Management: Antonija Roje, PhD, senior lecturer