Mechanical engineering

In order to be able to follow the fast pace of technical and technological changes while successfully working on implementation and exploitation of technical systems and assemblies, learning has become a continuous process for anyone who has chosen technical sciences as the area of work.

Specialist knowledge and skills do not only enable faster understanding of production processes but also provide the foundation for understanding and following the development trends in specific specialist areas of mechanical engineering.

Upon completion of the specialist professional graduate study students can take the state license exam and obtain the status of an authorized engineer, which is a strong motivation for enrolment in the proposed study. The study programme seeks to provide the required knowledge and skills needed to conduct highly skilled engineering jobs.
The duration of the study programme is two years (4 semester - 120 ECTS).

Upon completion of the study, the student is awarded a professional title of professional specialist in mechanical engineering (Prof. Spec. Mech. Eng.).
By definition, a specialist study requires tighter contacts with practice. Therefore, the focus of the proposed study is connecting the classroom content with practice through professional visits, field work and exercises, specialist practice, creation of professional reports and projects and practical work in laboratories.

The study programme consists of four semesters:

  • First semester (core teaching) -students master knowledge necessary for successful business performance in specialist technical jobs. It includes legislation related to business activities in technical areas, business communication, training for managing positions in the production process and further enriching the knowledge in the fields of natural science and informatics;
  • Second and third semester (specialist teaching)-students acquire specialist technical knowledge necessary for successful integration in business processes. Together with mandatory courses students are also offered elective specialist courses pertaining to other specialist modules, thus giving them the freedom to profile the study according to their personal preferences, wishes and needs;
  • Fourth semester - through conducting a specialist practice / project adjusted to the selected specialization as well as through writing of the degree thesis, students are enabled to solve concrete and real professional problems, tasks and projects.

Course Syllabus

Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering: Slaven Šitić, senior lecturer e-mail
Assistant to the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering: Vladimir Vetma, lecturer e-mail
Coordinator of SGPS in Technical Sciences: Silvano Jenčić, senior lecturer e-mail