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Student Council

Student Council

The Students' Council comprises a selected group of students who not only demonstrated that they were energetic young people with a desire for change when they were freshmen and sophomores, but also attained achievements proving that they were indeed committed to introducing changes at the faculty. The Council is in charge of all activities concerning student rights, but it also promotes those that can serve to improve the study conditions at the Department of Professional Studies.

It cares for financially disadvantaged students, provides students with the opportunity to remedy their dissatisfaction with the programme and/or the approach taken when dealing with certain students by reporting the problem – if it should arise – to the proper authorities, it acts as an intermediary in the teacher-student communication, it informs students of news or changes in the education system, it provides advice on improving one's academic success, and so on. 

The Council members gather once a week. Every student representing his/her respective study programme may disclose a problem reported by his/her fellow students, and the members work on devising a problem-solving strategy together.

The Council members actively participate in faculty meetings and are informed of all the events taking place at the Department. All the ideas and critiques expressed by students are taken into consideration, and the Council strives to facilitate every student's university experience.