Poziv studentima na International week - Nuertingen-Geislingen University (Njemačka)

Save the Date: Invitation Int. Week Nov. 22-26, 2021



Poziv studentima na International week - Nuertingen-Geislingen University (Njemačka)

Cijenjeni studenti,

ukoliko se planirate uključiti u programe mobilnosti, nudimo vam mogućnost upoznati našeg partnera - Sveučilište Nuertingen-Geislingen University u Njemačkoj. Detalje o programu kao i upute za prijavu možete vidjeti u prilogu i pozivu u nastavku teksta.

Save the date for this all-week interactive hybrid event and register now for the activities you are interested in in this all-week interactive online and onsite event from November 22-26, which has lots to experience:
After having been locked up in our home countries for over a year, everyone is now more than ever longing to travel and meet friends again. In German we have a beautiful word describing exactly this feeling: Fernweh (= the aching desire to be somewhere else). To get you started for your next trip (hopefully to Nuertingen and Geislingen J) we would like to invite all of you to inspire us with your personal favorite place. All photos of your favorite places will be merged into a “Best Places” travel book. This not only facilitates future travel planning but will also lead to vivid conversations onsite with your friends and international family during our International Week.

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