Call for partners and participants: Blended Intensive Programmes




Warm greetings from the International Relations Office of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania!

We are pleased to inform you that our university is currently planning the following Blended Intensive Programmes:

· Strategic Communication. Interdisciplinary Approaches, 11-15.03.2024, deadline 9.02.2024

· Introduction to the Psychology of Addictions, 25-29.03.2024, deadline 16.02.2024

· Motor intelligence development through innovative approaches, 8-12.04.2024, deadline 1.03.2024

· Sustainable tourism in regions with a reach natural and cultural heritage, 22-26.04.2024, deadline, 1.03.2024

· Expanding Horizons: Romanian language and culture, 13-17.05.2024, deadline 1.04.2024

· Gender and Social Inclusion in the Humanities, 20-24.05.2024, deadline 1.04.2024

· Introduction to Psychological Trauma and Moral Psychology, 27-31.05.2024, deadline 1.04.2024

· Intercultural communication and spiritual backgrounds, 4-8.11.2024, deadline 1.07.2024

We are searching for partners and participants in order to organize the above mentioned blended intensive programmes field for 20 participants which will be held in Iasi in partnership with 2-5 international universities.

Please cascade the information to your universities and if you are interested in joining us in these Blended Intensive Programmes, please let us know.

You can also find bellow the main characteristics of the Blended Intensive Programmes:

· They must be developed and implemented by at least 3 higher education institutions holding an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, coming from at least 3 Programme Countries;

· Include a period of minimum 5 days - maximum 30 days of activity in physical format at one of the organizing universities, completed with online activity;

· Participants in these programs can be students enrolled in a higher education institution, as well as staff from universities;

· The minimum number of participants in a mixed intensive program is 15 (not including the teaching / training staff involved in the implementation of the program and the students from the host university) in order for the program to be eligible for funding;

· Both the organisation of intensive programmes and the participation of learners are financed from Erasmus+ funds. The individual support to students and teaching staff for the short-term physical mobility should be provided by the sending institution, that can use its own regular Erasmus funds for mobility.

· Blended intensive programmes have to award at least 3 ECTS credits for students.

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