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Business Cooperation

Business cooperation office was established in order to coordinate, initiate and develop relationships with businesses. The office is designed as a central place of receiving and sending information related to the business cooperation of the Department.Close attention is paid to strengthening cooperation with industry and the whole public sector through various forms of technical and development projects and other forms of cooperation. The above mentioned activities contribute to the proactive role of the Department and its affirmation as an institution that should and must be an active partner in the society.

The office is constantly trying to find out new models of training students for efficient participation in an evolving job market. Numerous cooperation agreements with companies have been signed aiming at active and successful bringing together of the academic community and the economy, and, in particular, further enriching the knowledge and skills of our students. Practical training for students has been provided and implemented, with experts from the industry acting as students’ advisors. The Office has hosted lectures from eminent guest lecturers from the industry. Moreover, it has acted as intermediary in inclusion of our students in projects initiated by the business sector (International GAST fair, SASSO fair, B2B economic meetings etc.)

In addition, it is necessary to emphasize successful cooperation with Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Employers' Association, the Financial Agency and a number of institutions that help further educate our students by providing specialized fieldwork and workshops. To sum up, Business Cooperation Office realizes its role by meeting science, research and business practice.



Address | Kopilica 5, 21000 Split

Anita Krolo Crvelin  | +385 91 33 44 192
Erasmus coordinator

Mia Vatavuk | +385 91 20 07 438
Erasmus administrator

Email | internationalatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr (international@oss.unist.hr)