Business Trade

Global market competition is characterized by a steady increase in business agility and competition between a large number of competitors, where knowledge in the field of business economics is necessary for the survival and development of both individuals in the labour market and economic entities in the business market.

The aim of the study programme of Business Trade is to educate students in the field of modern theoretical and advanced practical procedures and methods of implementation of trade and entrepreneurial skills, as well as modern techniques of foreign trade including international travel and tourism, which provides a basis for practical and independent work .

In addition to full-time lecturers, professors and assistants, the study courses are conducted by external associates, prominent experts in the field of economic practice. Keeping in touch with current trends as reffered to in contemporary relevant resources as well as participating in national and international conferences, writing books, textbooks and training in the relevant field, are the professional activities that represent a priority for lecturers, professors and assistants to ensure a high level of teaching quality using modern teaching methods and tools. The ability to transfer knowledge to others, as well as the great practical experience of our teaching staff are the key advantages of studying at the Department of Business Trade.

According to the previous experiences, most students found adequate employment in their respective professional fields immediately after graduation, whereas some launched their own startups.

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme of Business Trade is divided into modules, in duration of six semesters. In the second year, students, in accordance with their own professional interests, choose one of the offered modules, as follows:

  • Trade Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Trade and International Travel

Upon completion of the study, students are awarded 180 ECTS credits and the title Professional Bachelor in Economics.

Students who have completed a three-year undergraduate professional study programme have the opportunity to enrol at the Specialist Graduate Professional Study of Business Trade which lasts four (4) semesters and after which they are awarded additional 120 ECTS credits (300 ECTS credits in total) and the title - Professional Specialist in Economics.

Course Syllabus

Head of the Department of Business Trade: Goran Ćorluka, PhD, lecturer
Assistant to the Head of the Department of Business Trade: Antonija Roje, lecturer