Brian Ariel Piñeyro & Tomás Dal Verme,

Universidad nacional de la Matanza, Argentin

Our Erasmus mobility in Split was in simple words: amazing. We were able to know a lot of people and cultures from all around the world and work side by side with them in classes. I highly recommend the Department of Professional Students for a variety of reasons such as: the classrooms are clean, big and well equipped, the teachers are not only very good people but also professional and they explain things in a very understandable way. In addition, the whole building is comfortable and pretty. Choosing Split for the Erasmus mobility is a very good idea!


Marianna Prysiazhniuk,

Roman American University, Romania

It was an unbelievable opportunity to spend the semester studying in Croatia. I had a chance to explore new subjects and discover a new country and new culture. I am very grateful for the perfect organisation and clear guidelines for students, which helped enormously during the onboarding days and the studying period. Thank you very much for this experience and great memories!


Enrico Hilgenberg,

Hochschule Fulda - University of Applied Sciences, Germany

My semester abroad in Split was a great experience for me. The city itself is beautiful and has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and other activities. Also, I met many new and very nice people during this period. I really enjoyed my time at the faculty, of the University of Professional Studies in Split, and can heartily recommend it. The professors and everyone else involved there are extremely nice, friendly, competent, and helpful. They really care about making the time of the Erasmus students as pleasant as possible. The faculty is just really great. For me, it was a great time both in the university and outside and I can only recommend a semester abroad in Split to everyone.


Roxana Morariu,

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Univerity of Iasi, Romania

Coming to Split for the spring semester of 2022 was the best choice I could have made. Croatia is easily one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. With its crystal clear beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, rocky mountains, luxuriant islands, and historical cities, Croatia is the place to be. Next to this, the academic course catalog and the professors at UNIST, made this experience even better. I was able to choose between a large variety of courses thought entirely in English. At the same time, the vast majority of the locals I have met were able to speak English really good, making the time spent in Croatia less stressful and more enjoyable. Of course, trying to learn how to speak Croatian can help to better integrate. Finally, if you were thinking about coming to Croatia for your Erasmus semester, then think no more. Split it the best choice. And as someone told me before, make sure to pack both a jacket and a swimsuit. You will thank me later. Enjoy.


Hana Machová & Michal Horák,

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management, Czech Republic

The last 5 months we have spent as Erasmus students in beautiful Split. Living Croatian way of lifestyle was a great opportunity how to forget about the ongoing Covid situation and enjoy all of the experiences and make new memories. Split is a wonderful city with an admirable atmosphere, a beautiful historic center, and endless possibilities for walks along the sea and beaches. 

Department of Professional Studies has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The professors know you personally and do not hesitate to help you at any time. Teaching takes place in a more practical form with discussion, solving case studies, and various projects. 

We are thankful for all the experiences and unforgettable memories we could have gained through this stay thanks to many people and also ESN Split, which organized many trips and events. We are looking forward to coming back and enjoying the „Pomalo“ way of living again.


Zhalgash Makhas and Nurbol Ashirbekov

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Aisulu Kazhkarimova

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Robin Eleh

University of Applied Sciences Koln


Toloaca Teodor

Trade Cooperative University of Moldova, Republic of Moldova

Dear friend,
Here is Teo from the Republic of Moldova, a student who accepted the challenge to go to another country and learn the culture of this country, all this thanks to the Erasmus+ program, destination Split Croatia, a wonderful place, a peninsula surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and a view of mountains that cannot be described. But I was taking it slower at first I was afraid that I would not cope, it seems to me that my level of English does not reach the standards that should, but it was only a momentary fear being forced to speak daily at the English level will develop with rapid steps (do not be afraid to speak, people will not judge you for speaking wrong but will always try to help you). Why Split? Since I didn't even know what Erasmus means until I was contacted by my university Split was the only direction, but I am happy that fate decided so. Before starting something new in life it's worth taking a break to understand who you are? What are you doing? and where do you want to go, like Steve Jobs before creating Apple had a holiday in India to understand himself. Erasmus is not about studying, it's about experiences. You learn a little not pressured by hours and have free time for fun. A big plus is that you get a scholarship from Erasmus+. So what experiences have I gained? oh brother you have no idea how many memories I will leave with:

  1. I improved my English
  2. I made a lot of friends 
  3. I fell in love
  4. I'm left with a broken heart
  5. I learned to manage with my financial resources
  6. I developed my communication skills
  7. I have understood myself, what I want from life, and generally what the plan is to get there
  8. I have been to a lot of parties 
  9. And let's not forget the cultural part, you have plenty of trips to discover the country you are in.

About Split, it's a perfect place for me, I always get tired and I know it's a bad thing but I can't do anything about it, I love sleeping, in Moldova where everything is in a daily routine I always felt under pressure, but here it's different "PO malo" which means slowly nobody hurries us that doesn't mean we don't do anything but we do it at our own pace. If you have the opportunity to go on Erasmus+ in Split for sure do it you will enjoy it and leave with memories.

Best wishes 

Toloaca Teodor

P.P.S. People are the best

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José Pedro Forte

ISCAP-Instituto Superior de Administracao e Contabilidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

A life-changing experience. From the early start here I knew that it will be an endless love, I was fascinated with your culture, climate, way of life, and history. For the students that will come to Split, be prepared because Croatians love to hug and welcome foreign students, you can make everyone smile with a simple “Hvala”.


Motiejus Sinica 

Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Few words about my experience of Erasmus in Split.
This was my very first Erasmus experience and with a help of the international office and professors, it was really delightful. Going to live in another city can seem stressful but University staff made that process easy and fluent. Split is an amazing city with a wonderful seaside, many places to visit, affordable prices of food and services. Even in the winter season Split was generous of sunny and quite warm days. Local people really happy to see you and show you around, they want to talk and exchange experiences. That I really appreciate because you feel very welcome


Iara Rafaela Alegria Teixeira 

ESHT - Porto, Portugal

I really enjoyed being in Erasmus in Split, I felt welcome by everyone. The teachers are super friendly and welcoming and they helped me with everything I needed. 
I made a lot of friends, I am now part of a huge international group that I know I will keep for life. They are all from different parts of the world and I had the chance to know their culture, habits and have their friendship. 
Erasmus even in a pandemic season gave me wings and freedom, since I am here I traveled to 6 new countries including all Croatia with the amazing trips that ESN organized. I can say that it was one of the best experiences of my life and for those that may be thinking if coming or not you should totally come because you won’t regret it. 


Claudia Marrero Palencia 

URJC - Madrid, Spain

My little experience in Split:  I spent the winter semester in Split, and despite the cold, I enjoyed it better than anyone else. The beaches, the landscapes, and everything to visit in Split is wonderful. I also took the opportunity to visit many other areas of Croatia and I liked every corner more and more! I highly recommend the Erasmus in Split, but if you can choose, better the spring semester.


Paula Gutiérrez García, Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

I'm Paula, I'm 22 and I am from Spain. I had never been out of my family home so this has been an incredible experience for me.
Split has the best weather, good food, amazing beaches and nice people, so therefore it's the perfect place to do Erasmus. 
This adventure change your life, you learn new cultures, meet new different people, understand life in a new way and know yourself better. 
I will choose and repeat these past 5 months forever. 
Thank you Croatia!