Improvement and implementation of professional practice at the University Department of Professional Studies


University of Split

University Department of Professional Studies

Project partners:

  • Akuo Energy Med d.o.o.
  • CEMEX Croatia d.d.
  • LAMA d.o.o.
  • ADRIATIC.HR d.o.o.

Short description of the project (operation):

The project „Improvement and Implementation of Professional Practice at the University Department of Professional Studies (SOSS)“ aims to establish a professional practice service whose operational activities would improve student support services, improve professional practice models, strengthen SOSS capacities and students' knowledge and skills.

The purpose of the project is to improve the existing programs, the quality of studies and the competencies of students needed to complete their studies and enter the labor market. In addition, the project aims to strengthen cooperation with the business sector by involving partners in its implementation.

The project is focused on teaching and non-teaching staff and students of undergraduate professional and specialist graduate professional studies.

Objectives and expected results of the project (operations):

The project will (i) establish a professional practice service, (ii) provide administrative support for the implementation of professional practice, (iii) modernize the internal capacities of SOSS, (iv) strengthen the competencies of teaching staff, (v) improve curriculum (vi) develop students' competencies through teaching and practice and (vii) strengthen relations with employers.

Thanks to the implementation of the project, the conditions for professional practice will be significantly improved, cooperation with the business sector will be strengthened and students will be able to acquire knowledge that meets the needs of the labor market.

Total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (in HRK):

The total value of the project is 3,318,660.09 HRK, of which EU co-financing is 100%, ie it amounts to 3,318,660.09 HRK.

Project implementation period (from - to):

03/09/2020 to 09.03.2023.


Contact person for more information:

Marko Vukšić, full-time university professor


phone: 021 348 900


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