Exams for incoming students in academic year 2019/2020

Dear students,

due to the Coronavirus epidemic, regular examination period on University Department for Professional Studies will start from 23rd June.

Exams will be held online whenever it is possible, so please visit Moodle pages or contact your professors regarding the details on specific courses exams.


Dear Erasmus incoming students,

according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia and the Rector of the University of Split, due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, from Monday, March 16, 2020, all classes are suspended in all primary and secondary schools as well as all universities in Croatia till further notice!

For all additional information please contact our Erasmus coordinator, prof. Anita Krolo Crvelin (akrolocatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr).

During this period, your student obligations will be defined by your professors. Classes will be organized via MOODLE learning platform (for which you were given access codes). Our professors will be at your disposal via e-mail, according to subject areas:

  • BUSINESS STATISTICS, Nada Roguljić, e-mail: nmaroeviatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Ivona Jukić, e-mail: isusticatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • COST ACCOUNTING, Petar Pepur, e-mail: ppepuratoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • MANAGEMENT, Anita Krolo Crvelin, e-mail: akrolocatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • SALES AND DISTRIBUTION, Mario Dadić, e-mail: mario [dotttt] dadicatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • MARKET RESEARCH, Danijela Perkušić Malkoč, e-mail: dperkusiatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • TOURISM DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, Goran Ćorluka, e-mail: gcorlukaatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr
  • OPERATIONS RESEARCH USING MS EXCEL, Bože Plazibat, e-mail: bplazibatatoss [dotttt] unist [dotttt] hr

Please feel welcome to contact us.



Address | Kopilica 5, 21000 Split

Anita Krolo Crvelin  | +385 91 33 44 192
Erasmus coordinator

Mia Vatavuk | +385 91 20 07 438
Erasmus administrator

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